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My name is Kendra Truitt, and I am the School Social Worker and the School Counselor at Grandview Elementary.  In the past, this position has been filled by two separate professionals, some of whom had to divide their time between schools within the District.  Being able to offer both social work and counseling services to students allows me to dedicate all of my time to Grandview students! 

My goal is to provide support to our students to optimize their social, emotional, and academic success.  Any student may be referred to me by staff, parents, or even by self-referral.  If you believe your student would benefit from my services, please feel free to reach out to me!   

Services Provided:

  • Individual Short-Term Counseling*
  • Small Group Counseling*
  • Classroom Social Emotional & Life Skills Lessons
  • Direct & Indirect Services to Students with IEPs
  • Participate in Special Education Evaluations & Assessments
  • Crisis Intervention
  • School-Community Liaison
  • Support to Staff & Parents/Guardians
  • Advocate for Students’ Social, Emotional & Academic Success

* Extended counseling and/or small group services will require parent/guardian permission.  Long-term therapeutic needs will be referred out to a community organization. 

Kendra Truitt
785-717-4470 ext. 4192