October Newsletter

October newsletter
October newsletter

Events for October
Oct 11 No School/teacher plan day Oct 14 No School/professional dev for teachers Oct 17 Fall picture day/ Fall fundraiser kick-off P/T conferences 3:30-8:00 Oct 18 Walk-A-Mile Oct 22 P/T conferences 3:30-8:00 Oct 24 P/T conferences 3:30-7:00 Oct 25 No School Oct 30 Parade of Characters
OCT National Anti-Bully Month National School Lunch Week: Oct 14-118 National Bus Safety Week: Oct 21-25 Fire Prevention Week: Oct 6-12

Dear Parents,
Improved attendance is a goal for the district. According to the state anyone that is absent 10% or more of the days we should be in school is considered chronically absent. We report to the district those students that miss less than 5% of the days we should be present as Tier 1 students, those that miss 6-10% of the days present as Tier 2, and more than 10% is Tier 3. We want the majority in Tier 1. The district also follows the state truancy laws that state we are to report students who miss 3 unexcused absences in a row, 5 in a semester or 7 unexcused absences in a year as truant. If a student is gone 3 or more days we require a doctor’s note for it to be excused.  We at Grandview just want to work with our students to have them here every day possible. Every day and every hour counts. Your child misses out on valuable instruction and interaction time when they are not here. Grandview is not the same when ANY of our students are missing. We appreciate your help in getting your students to school on time and every day. We can’t reduce our absence/tardy rates without assistance from you. Your daily work with your child is very much appreciated by the staff at Grandview. Please let me know if you have any questions. Respectfully, Lynn Shinault, Principal
Student Council members Avery and Elizabeth help out with the concession stand at this year’s back to school bash. We had a great time and thank you to our Grandview families for coming out and supporting the school. Don’t forget to join us on Oct 10th for our STEM/fitness night from 5:15-6:30. This will be a fun night for all!
Greetings from the library,
The library is happy to announce that we just received a shipment of new books.  Be sure to check them out when you come to the library.  The end of the quarter is quickly approaching which means that the 1st quarter AR party is almost here.  The theme for AR this year is “Read S’More Books.” The library is trying to increase our circulation numbers.  We will be doing a drawing for each grade level for a free book.  Every time your child checks out a book they will get to put a ticket into their class tub.  At the end of the month we will pull a ticket from each grade to see who is the lucky winner.  So be sure to encourage your child to visit the library often! Happy Fall and Happy Reading. Ms. Hinck and Mrs. Anders
Notes from the Office:
If you have any changes to make on behalf of your students (parent pick-up, bus riders, walking home, etc…) A parent/guardian will need to call the school NLT 2:45 so that the information gets delivered in time for staff/students to know what changes are being made before the ending bell rings.
If your student is tardy in the mornings please come in to sign them in. If your student is going to be absent please call the office by 8:15.
Please use the sidewalk and crosswalks to walk to school, walking through the parking lot is very unsafe.
If you have updated phone numbers/addresses or other information changes please come in to the office and make them as soon as possible. This also includes adding or changing emergency contact information.
If your child has a Dr./Dental appointment please get a note from them so your student may be excused. Thank you so much for helping us out with this. We truly appreciate our Grandview families.
Parents and Guardians
October is Anti-Bullying Month. This is a month dedicated to teaching students about the importance of not bullying others. To show support, we ask students to participate in an anti-bullying spirit week.
Tuesday, 10/15 Don’t sweat bullies-Wear your sweat pants/pajamas Wednesday, 10/16 It’s okay to be different-Wear wacky and goofy clothes Thursday, 10/17 Hats off to being Bully Free-Wear your favorite hat Friday, 10/18 Chomp out Bullies-Wear your gator/green shirts
Then Wednesday, October 23rd, is National Unity Day. Wear orange in support of bully prevention. Together we are united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
Grandview Anti-Bullying School Rules
We will NOT bully others.
We will help students who are bullied.
We will make it a point to include students who are easily left out.
When we know somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.
OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS Alex Z’haire Ilan Faustino Zoey June Jackson Lilyann Alexa Brooklyn