April Newsletter

April newsletter
April Newsletter

Grandview gators
April will be our busy testing month and we need your help to be sure that your students come to school
on time and they are ready to go. If you have appointments scheduled please try to reschedule and if
that is not possible, tell your child’s teacher right away so we can make arrangements. The schedule
for all of 3-5 testing dates is located on the back of this newsletter.
Please help your student be successful by making sure they get a good night’s sleep and to be in bed at
a regular time each night. Eat a good breakfast if they are not school breakfast eaters: encourage them
to do their best on the tests and put forth their best effort… that is what we stress to the kids, doing their
very best.
Parent Strategies for Reducing Test Anxiety
Students may experience anxiety about tests and may experience heightened anxiety before a testing
situation. A certain degree of test anxiety is normal and help students prepare more effectively, work
more effectively, and remain focused during testing. Too much anxiety however, can negatively affect
performance. Here are a couple of strategies that may assist in reducing test anxiety.
*Emphasize that the test is only one measure of academic performance.
*Emphasize that test scores do not determine a person’s worth.
*Have realistic expectations of your child’s performance while encouraging his/her best efforts.
Student Council members pose
with the Kindergarten class
after they spent the afternoon
reading books.
Important Reminders: The end of this school year
is rapidly approaching and a time when some
families are making plans to move. If you
know that you are moving and your students
will not be returning to Grandview Elementary
(ECC-4th grade) or JCMS (out-going 5th)
for the 19-20 school year please notify the office
as soon as possible. There will be a note
coming home for you to sign later on in the
Please do not forget to notify the office when
your student will be late or not attending
school that day.
Also please check to make sure we have an
email on file for you so that you can receive
all information that is sent out electronically
during the year.
Gator Birthdays for April
Tiana M a u r i c i o
Luke A n n s l i s a
Natasha B a i l e y
Luciana A l a n a
Ivan R a c h e l
4-1 5th grade state testing
4-2 5th grade state testing
4-4 5th grade to symphony
4-8 thru 4-16 3-5th grades state testing
4-16 5th grade EEE day
4-17 thru 4-18 3-5th grades state testing
4-21 Happy Easter
4-22 NO SCHOOL/ Earth Day
4-23 Kindergarten Round-Up 3:00
4-24 All school field trip
4-26 Hot dog/Bingo Night 4:30-7:00
School Library Month
National Poetry Month
Autism Awareness Month
Greetings from the library,
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all
that made purchases at the Book Fair
this year! It was a great success and
helped Grandview earn books for the
classrooms and the library. Just a couple
of reminders as we draw near the end of the school year:
*Last day of checkout May 10th
*All books are due back to library on
May 15th
*Devices due back to the library on May
We have had the opportunity to purchase
several new books for the library
this year. Therefore, we have had to
weed and discard several great books
that we would love to get into your
child’s hands. Be on the lookout for free
books at upcoming family night events.
Happy Reading,
Ms. Hinck and Mrs. Anders
Say The Problem
Think of Solutions
Explore Consequences
Pick the best Solution
Camp Kindergarten
A Kindergarten Readiness Program
Dates: June 3-21st
Place: Grandview Elementary Time: 8:30-11:30
Transportation: No transportation will be provided
Attendance: Regular & punctual daily attendance is
Fee: No Fee!
Confirmation: Any additional information will be
mailed to you the week before summer school begins.
Questions: Please call the office at 717-4470
Congratulation to Kalina
Moua for being selected
the most improved student
for the month of
February. Kalina is in
Mrs. Davies 3rd grade