September 2018 Newsletter

Information provided below Information provided below

Welcome Back Gators!!!!!!
We are off to a great start this year.
Your students have already been
working hard. By the time you get this
you will have been to orientation. If
you have questions, please contact us.
We do not interrupt instruction time, but will get
messages to teachers to return calls asap.
Please help us out in the office by calling your student in
by 8:15 if they are going to be late or absent. Attendance
is so important to our students’ success at school. The
state of Kansas considers a student truant if they miss
10% of the days they attend school. If a child is here only
30 days and misses 3, the state records them as truant.
Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you
help your child be here on time and in attendance every
day. Our days are not the same without YOUR child
here. Every one of our students is vital to making
Grandview the great place it is.
We are looking forward to having a fun-filled year full
of learning and exciting activities. Please let us know if
there is anything you need.
Mrs. Lynn Shinault, Principal
Grandview gators
*Note from the office:
Parents, it is extremely important to keep all of your students information up to date with the office. This would include up-dated addresses, phone numbers which also include emergency contact numbers. For the safety of your child/children they will not be released to anyone that is not on their emergency contact list. If you need to add someone you must come into the office. We cannot accept changes via e-mail or phone calls.
Parents please help us out by using crosswalks when coming to and from school. Do not walk through the parking lot, your safety is our top priority!!
When your child will be late or not attending school, please call the office, at (785) 717-4470
We truly appreciate your help with these things we are excited for a fun/safe successful school year. Mrs. Etheridge, Secretary
Sept Calendar of Events
Sept 3 Labor Day/No School Sept 6 Pastries with Parents 7:30-8:00 Sept 11 Freedom Walk 11:15-11:55 Sept 14 Back to School Bash 5:00-7:00 Sept 21 Fundraiser card kick-off Sept 23 Autumn begins Sept 24 After school program begins Sept 28 4th & 5th field trip
September Birthdays
Sophia Lopez 9-5 Ricky Cayanan 9-8 Dakota Dodge 9-22 Monty Atkins 9-23 Elijah Rogers 9-2 Markiss Rice 9-25 Bryson Brown 9-28
Hello fellow parents of Gators!
My name is Crystal Huxman and I am the new Counselor at Grandview Elementary. I am excited to work with your children this year to meet their individual needs. My position is full time, which allows me to assist in classrooms, work on individual and group therapy, and teach social emotional character development in the classrooms! With a background in social work I am able to join with other staff in the building to monitor behaviors, diagnose, and provide crisis interventions for students in need. Feel free to reach out to me on my office phone or by email if you have any questions regarding my position and how I can benefit your child/children this year! Best regards,
Crystal Huxman
Please join us on the 11th of Sept for our annul Freedom Walk. Meet us in front of the school at 11:15
Library Corner: The new school year is off to a great start here in the library! Classes have begun coming in for library checkout and library orientation. Just a couple of reminders to keep the library running smooth this school year. Please remember to send your student’s library books back with them weekly so that we can ensure your child is getting new and exciting books to read. Students may checkout up to two library books. They will be encouraged to select one book on their reading level and a just for fun book to enjoy. Please encourage your child to read their books nightly. AR will be beginning soon for 2nd-5th grade students, chat with your child about the books they are reading to help build their comprehension. Encourage your student’s to do and return their Read and Respond homework daily. We are looking forward to a wonderful year full of reading! Sincerely, Ms. Hinck and Mrs. Anders
This year we are offering our “kid cart”. This is a cart that we offer during breakfast time in the morn-ing for students to purchase fun items. Items on the cart range from pencils, fun shaped sharpen-ers, gel pens, pencil bags, etc. All items that are purchased must be put in backpacks and taken home. Exceptions could be for pencils and pens used in class. Cost of items range from .25 cents to $3.00.
September is “National Backpack Safety Month” The purpose of this program is to educate students, parents and teachers about the problems caused by over-loaded and improper fitting backpacks. Here are some easy tips on how to choose, pack and carry your backpack safely. *Choose a backpack that is appropriate for your child’s age and size. It should not weigh more that 15% of your child’s weight. *Have the child wear both shoulder straps. Wearing only on one should cause the child to lean to one side, curving the spine and causing discomfort. Adjust the straps so it fits snuggly against the child’s back. Millions of children carry backpacks, and very few of them know that incorrect fit or use can cause back problems later in life. It is the responsibility of parents, teachers and schools to spread the word about back-pack safety.
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