October 2018 Newsletter

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Grandview gators
Events for October
Oct 5 Walk-A-Mile 8:15
Oct 8-12 Anti-Bully Theme Week
Oct 8 Columbus Day/NO SCHOOL
Oct 11 Dental Screenings
Oct 12 Plan Day/NO SCHOOL
Oct 15-18 4th grade to YMCA 11:30-1:30
Oct 16 P/T Conf 3:30-7:30
Oct 18 Picture day for students
Oct 24 P/T Conf 3:30-7:30
Oct 25 P/T Conf 7:30-12:00 NO SCHOOL
Oct 31 Parade of Characters/Happy Halloween
OCT National Anti-Bully Month
National School Lunch Week: Oct 15-19
National Bus Safety Week: Oct 22-26
You will be contacted to
sign up for parent-teacher
conferences coming up
the month of October
This is a very important way to communicate
with your child’s teacher about their progress.
We look forward to having 100% attendance. If
you have any questions please feel free to call
the office at 717-4470.
Thank you for your support.
Grandview Staff
Grandview Elementary
109 E. Grandview Dr. 785-717-4470
October is National School Bus Safety Month
School buses are the safest way to get children to
and from school, but injuries can occur of kids are
not careful when getting on and off the bus. Here
are some safety tips. 1. Walk with your kids to the
bus stop and wait with them until the bus arrives.
Make sure the driver can see the kids at the stop.
2. Teach kids to stand at least three giant steps
back from the curb as the bus approaches and
board the bus one at a time after the bus has come
to a complete stop. 3. Kids should wait for the
school bus to come to a complete stop before getting
off and not walk behind the bus. 4. Slow
down and stop of you’re driving near a school bus
that is flashing yellow or red lights. This means the
bus is either preparing to stop (yellow) or already
stopped (red), and children are getting off.
The annual “Bramlage Family Walk
a Mile” event will take place on Friday,
October 5th. Grandview students
will be walking one mile in
honor of the Bramlage family that
passed away on 2012. We will
begin our walk in the morning at
8:15. Following the walk, there will
be a drawing for a bike and a scooter
for all students who participated.
Each winner will also receive a new
helmet. Please make sure that your
students wear comfortable shoes
that day. The event is sponsored
by the Geary Community
Healthcare Foundation.
Looks like
Macey was having
a good time
at one of the
stem activities at
our back to
school bash!!!
Very nice art
work Macey!!!
Library Corner: The library is excited to announce
that we will be getting lots of wonderful new
books. We have had to discard several older
books. We will have a table set up during Parent/
Teacher Conferences to give the discarded books
away. Please be sure to stop by and grab a couple
of books to enjoy and keep at your home. The
end of the quarter is quickly approaching and
that means that the quarter 1 AR party is right
around the corner. Please remember to encourage
your 2nd-5th grade students to read AR books
and take quizzes on them.
Happy Fall and keep on
reading Gators,
Miss. Hinck and Mrs. Anders
June Overton 10-2
Echo Anderson 10-3
Brooklyn Hill 10-8
Kimari Whitney 10-10
Octavius Turnage 10-16
Theresa Strong 10-16
Frankie Sandoval 10-17
Jaliyah Saddler 10-21
Alexa Sergent 10-21
Zoey Jones 10-23
Z’hiare Goodman 10-25
Shylia Huston 10-26
Faustino Isaac 10-26
Jackson Daymude 10-30
Grandview Anti-Bullying School Rules
1. We will NOT bully others.
2. We will help students who are bullied.
3. We will make it a point to include students
who are easily left out.
4. When we know somebody is being bullied, we
will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.
A Good Start- Did you know that breakfast is
the most important meal of your child’s day?
It provides the nutrients and energy
they need to concentrate in
school. Research even shows
that kids who eat breakfast get
better grades, pay more attention
in class, and behave better.
Help your youngsters begin their
day on the right
Notes from the Office:
If you have any changes to make on
behalf of your students (parent pick-up,
bus riders, walking home, etc…) A
parent/guardian will need to call the
school NLT 2:45 so that the information
gets delivered in time for staff/students
to know what changes are being made before the ending bell
If your student is tardy in the mornings please come in to
sign them in. If your student is going to be absent please call
the office by 8:15.
Please use the sidewalk and crosswalks to walk to school,
walking through the parking lot is very unsafe.
If you have updated phone numbers/addresses or other information
changes please come in to the office and make them
as soon as possible. This also includes adding or changing
emergency contact information.
If your child has a Dr./Dental appointment please get a note
from them so your student may be excused.
Thank you so much for helping us out
with this. We truly appreciate our
Grandview families.
Happy Halloween Gators!!!
Our school collects Box
Tops for Education!!!!
18th is
Day at
Grandview Elementary