STEM Week Of The Engineer

Student Drawing

From designing fuel-efficient cars or creating prosthetics to enable an amputee to walk again, to inventing ways to provide clean drinking water in developing countries, engineers find innovative solutions to the challenges people around the world face every day. The STEM Week of the Engineer week was designed to spark the interest of the next generation of tinkerers, makers, and explorers- and serves as a reminder of the incredible things we can accomplish in the pursuit of discovery and curiosity!

Here are a few ways that classes were able to join the fun:
1. Record a Flipgrid Video- Check out, choose a topic & submit a class video. One lucky class will win a pizza party!
2. Tweet Pics or Videos- Use the #WOE475 to share your engineering discussions, builds, pictures and videos!
3. Invite in a Guest Speaker- Do you know an engineer? Invite them in to talk to you class about their job!
4. Build Something- Use your Legos or recyclable materials to take your class through an engineering design challenge.

Grandview Elementary 5th graders built strong and sturdy bridges out of Popsicle sticks that were able to hold up to 15 books, 4 of which were heavy dictionaries.