February eNewsletter

Greetings Parents,

We are working through the school year at a steady pace…The students are doing well and things are going smoothly. January and February are long, cold months, and this year is no exception. We have been pretty lucky so far and haven’t seen that much snow here. Even with spring in our near future we still have over a month of winter left. As you know, living in KAnsas is never boring as the weather chages form hour to hour. Please remember how quickly it can go from 65 degrees down to 20 degrees and snowing so please make sure to help your child derss for the weather that day. The students will go outside for recess unless the temperature or wind chill is below 20.

Please help your child be successful by making sure they get a good nights’ sleep and to be in bed at a regular time each night. Eat a good breakfast, encouage them to do their best and to arrive at school on time to start their day off on a positive note. We love seeing all their smiling faces each morning at gator time. They get to enjoy learning all types of fun and educational things with all their gator friends. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

Grandview Staff

Congratuations to Tamari Loving for being selcted the Most Improved student for the month of November. Tamari is in the second grade. Also, we want to congratulate Dean Estrada for being selected the Most Improved student for the month of December. Dean is in the third grade. Awesome job Gators!

  • Please make sure we have updated phone numbers so that we can reach you in case of an emergency. This is extremely important!
  • If you send someone to pick up your child and they are not of the emergency contact list, the child will not be release to them. You will have to come to school and add that person to the emergency contact list.
  • The trady bell rings at 8:00. If your child is not in the building by that time your child is late. Please come into the building to sign them in.
  • Attendance is very important. Tardies are included on your child’s attendance. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Friendly reminders form your school nurse!

  • Students must stay home if their temperature is 100 degrees or more.
  • Students must stay home until fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication.
  • Students with vomiting or diarrhea must be kept home until vomit/diarrhea free for 24 hours.
  • If your child seems tired, pale, has little appetite, is not tolerating solid foods, and is generally “not him or herself”, PLEASE do not send your child to school. Some viral illnesses may take longer than a day before your child is well enough to return to school.

Flu Season!

  • What is influenza? Disease in the respiratory tract (nose, throat, lungs)
  • Flu symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches, extreme tiredness
  • Top virus-contaminated area at home are: telephones, appliances, faucets, light switches, door handles, TV/games & remotes
  • TIPS: Get vaccinated, frequent hand washing, disinfect common objects at home & school, plenty of rest and water.

Thank you and stay healthy,

Mrs. Page, School Nurse

Library Corner-

Happy New Year form the library! January was filled with learning about pioneers/Conestoga wagons, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Kansas history.  In our guesstimation jar we had gummy gators. The winners were Fatima Lechuga and Alicia Olea. We also finished our sticker mosaic right before Christmas break and already have a new one up for students to work on.

In other news, the library will be hodling a “Bookmark Coloring Contest”. Students are only allowed to use the following materials: pencil, ink, crayon, marker, or paint. The theme of the contest is “Libraries Rock”. Only one entry per persona nd the last day to enter is March 8th. Studnets will be allowed to work on the bookmarks in the library or at home. There will be ten winners chose by the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library and the winners will be honored on May 2nd. Ms. Porter is hoping that at least on Grandview Gator wins!

Jump Rope for Heart will begin February 13th and will end February 24th. This year’s theme is “Wild about Heart Health”. Your child will bring home information on how you can be a heart hero and raise money for the American Heart Association!

Please remember that your child is required to have tennis shoes for P.E. participation. fi your child wear snow boots to school due to weather, please have them pack their tennis shsoes in their back packs. Lack of participation will affect their grade.

Thank you for your help!

Mrs. King, P.E. Teacher

All Kinds of Words

A large vocabulary can turn your child into a better reader and writer. Try these everyday ways to help them learn new words. Keep your ears open. When you and your youngster go places, point out words that people use. Maybe a waiter descrives an entree or the dentist talks about molars. Encourage your child to figure out what they mean by the way they’re used. Go beyond nouns. Help your youngster add verbs and adjectives to their vocabulary Sports and games offer opportunities to use action words. Let you child hear you commnet on the softball that soars or the runner who springs.

Reading COnnection Newsletter

Camp Kindergarten

Who? All incoming Grandview Kindergarten students!

What? We will work on beginning kindergarten acadmeic and social skills.

When? June 4th-22nd from 8:30-11:30

Where? Grandview Elementary

Why? Your child will have the advantage over their classmates of meeting the teacher before kindergarten even starts! This is a free program. For more information, stop by Grandview Elementary or call 717-4470.

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