An Open Letter to Parents, Guardians, and the Grandview Elementary Community;

Grandview Parents,

This is a letter I have been very anxious to write. It means the time is drawing near when we will be able to come back together as a family again. We had an abrupt separation and our reunion will not look exactly like we hoped it would. However, we will be able to bring our communities’ children back to school where the Grandview staff is so anxiously awaiting them. We have missed the day to day interactions with your children more than you can know. We carry you with us always.

Our staff has been working hard to create our re-entry plan that will outline all the safety precautions and procedures that will be in place when your children come back to school. These precautions will cover every part of the school day, including arrival and dismissal. This plan will be posted on our website on August 24, 2020. Our website, the district social media pages and Skyward will be the ways that we communicate with you. Please check them frequently.

I understand your apprehensions and fears about this new school year we are facing. Please rest assured that we will be diligent in doing everything under our control to ensure the safety of both students and staff. In order to do that, some things will look differently this year.

Some of these changes will include:

  • All staff and students will wear masks. This will also be required of anyone on school grounds. You can help by buying masks that your children like and that are comfortable to them. Then have them start to wear them for longer and longer periods of time as you get them used to other school routines such as bedtimes.
  • We will no longer be able to allow visitors to the building, including parents and family. Anyone needing something from the building will call the office and we will accommodate your need. This will include the first day of school for all grade levels, including Pre-K and Kinder.
  • We will stay in communication through Zoom, phone calls, and email. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time. Staff will no longer be using Facebook to communicate about school other than on their official grade level page.
  • Each student will need a water bottle that in unbreakable. The water faucets have been turned off and a bottle filling station was installed in each building.
  • Students will not be sharing materials in class and will need their own supplies.

These changes will not stop us from caring for, educating and showing your child love every day. While hugs, handshakes and high fives have always been a part of our day, we will be creative in finding new ways to express our pride and affection for your children. We will continue to work with you, our most important partner, to share the responsibility for educating the whole child. We will always strive to meet all needs to the best of our ability. Your patience, help and cooperation is much appreciated.

The first day is a half day on Aug. 31. Thursday, September 3, is the first day for Kindergartners and Pre-K and it is a full day. Let me know if I can assist you in any way.


Mrs. Lynn Shinault, Principal

Grandview Elementary Building