Lynn Shinault working with students

An Open Letter to Parents, Guardians, and the Grandview Elementary Community;

We at Grandview are dedicated to educating the whole child and being sure that we meet the academic, physical and emotional needs of our students. We work in a partnership with the staff, parents and students to accomplish this goal.  We at Grandview acknowledge the role of the parent as a child’s first educator and draw on that expertise and knowledge to help us reach our goal of educating each and every child to their highest potential. While we emphasize academic excellence, we also stress the importance of good citizenship and personal responsibility. Your child will be educated in a safe environment where all are shown dignity and respect. Our students are nurtured into reaching their potential by teaching them that it is through their efforts that they will succeed.  This is reflected in our motto, “Gators believe with effort we succeed; whatever it takes!” Our teachers are adept at working with diverse populations, military families, special needs learners and English Language Learners. The result of their commitment is seen in our students continually reaching and exceeding their learning goals

At Grandview Elementary, we assume the positive, strive for excellence, never stop believing, drive out fear and prepare to be amazed, each day. I invite you to join us.

Mrs. Lynn Shinault, Principal

Grandview Elementary Building